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     Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear when I come to the Spa for my treatments?
A: Guests are welcome to arrive in regular attire and change into a robe and slippers provided by the spa upon arrival. You may also want to bring a swimsuit if you would like to utilize our other facilities. (Steam Room, Pool, and Jacuzzi)

Q: When should I arrive for my appointment?
A: Guests should plan to arrive at least 20 -30 minutes ahead of their scheduled treatments, allowing extra time for an unhurried shower (if desired) and relaxation either in the quiet room, steam room, pool, or Jacuzzi. Each treatment must begin and end promptly on time, and guests arriving late will not fully benefit from the treatment.

Q: Do I disrobe entirely for a Spa Treatment?
A: Therapists drape towels or sheets to protect privacy at all times during the treatments, Only the area being worked on is undraped. Guests undress to their own level of comfort.

Q: Can Non-Resort guests use the Spa Facilities?
A: Yes, Constellation Spa guests are welcome to use the facility when purchasing a spa treatment or Day Package. The use of fitness center, steam room, outdoor pool and Jacuzzi is also included.

Q: What should I do to prepare for my Massage Appointment?
A: It is best not to eat an hour or two prior to you appointment. Remember to let go of all your concerns and focus on your body and what the massage therapist is doing. This helps you integrate your mind and your body so that you enjoy the full benefit of the massage. The massage room environment will be soothing with soft lighting and low volume music. Let your body & mind relax, breathe deeply and let all your senses indulge in the healing touch.

Q: Why Should I get a massage?
A: Massage has many benefits, Not only does massages feel great but they are also part of today' s wellness practice. Massage is a great stress reducer, and research has shown that massage reduces anxiety by lowering the body's production of stress hormones. In addition, people suffering from a variety of mental and physical ailments, such as asthma, depression, insomnia and more can achieve many health benefits.
Stressed out individuals are showing benefits of massage. Those who now receive regular massages show decreased stress levels, are more alert and responsive, and show a reduction of errors on the job.

Q: What are the differences in the types of massage?
A: Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue? For Swedish Massage, long smooth. Sliding strokes promote relaxation, improve circulation and skin tone.
Shiatsu Massage, involved body manipulations and movements using the therapist's fingers, hands, elbows, and knees. It is used for tension, muscle aches and fatigue.
Deep Tissue Massage is a therapeutic massage that concentrates on specific muscle groups to relax deeply rooted tension, release tightness and reduce muscle pain. No matter what form
you choose, under the hands of a skilled, caring massage therapist, you will notice that all aspects of your being have been soothed and rejuvenated.

Q: Do I need an appointment to receive a service?
A: It is strongly recommended to schedule spa appointments prior to arrival at the resort. Reservations are subject to availability.

Q: What are the Standard Gratuities or Tipping Policy?
A: Tipping is not included in the treatment cost; a typical gratuity is 15% or more. Guests at Constellation Spa may request an envelope from the spa reception desk; this will then be given to the therapist who performed their service.

Q: Are children allowed in the Spa?
A: No, because of the nature of the spa children should not be present in order to create an assured quiet environment.

Q: How old do you have to be to have treatments?
A: The minimum age is 18 years old, an adult must accompany guests under the age of 18.

Q: Do you have a cancellation Policy?
A: Yes, a cancellation notice of 24 hours before arrival is requested. Otherwise, a fee of 50% of the treatment will be charged.

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